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05.26.2010 – Self-reliant Printing

One small step for me, one giant kick in the face to Kinkos. My new coil-binding machine came in the mail to day, which is the perfect companion to the boxes of coils that came a few days earlier.


With this one machine, I will never have to listen to a print-shop employee try to explain to me why he can’t bind my 17″ score, when someone a week earlier at the same location was able to do so easily. Not to mention that each score costs on average $6 to bind at the shop while now all I have to pay for is the coils and covers (probably about 25 cents per score). Here is my first attempt on a 17″ score:


Clean and easy. If you are a composer and are currently printing your own scores, there is no reason not to purchase one of these machines. While I have a staple binder I use for orchestral parts and choir pieces, other types of scores are better coil bound. Comb binding machines cost marginally less, however it is not so easy to turn the pages in a comb-bound score and they often bunch up at exactly the wrong time. Coil binding allows fluid turning of the pages and generally looks a bit nicer.

Seriously – you need one of these.

  • Michael

    Where did you purchase your binding machine?

  • Aaron had what I was looking for.