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06.01.2009 – Incandescence: New Minimalist Piece

Incandescence [mp3 – 11.9 Mb]

I just created a piece using my new motion-tracker prototype. The interesting part, though, is that I didn’t use my tracking gloves, but rather an incandescent lamp. In order to facilitate the tracking, I have to limit the color range of the input. While it does work to highlight the gloves, it can still pick up direct or reflected white light, as it contains the full visible spectrum (remember middle school science?). So as I was working on the patch while letting the audio run, the lamp next to my couch decided to show me how it’s done. While I am a bit bummed that the first really interesting product of the engine was created by a lamp and not my own gestures, I am quite please with the direction it seems to be going. In the meantime, the lamp is scheduled to begin touring music festivals and academic institutions beginning in October. The full tour schedule will be released soon.

PS – Happy Birthday to Levi “Boss Man” Duggan. Check out his well-rounded thoughts on spirituality from an intellectual standpoint at

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