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Monthly Archives: January 2009

01.30.2009 – MS SongSmith

Any of you who, like me, spend entirely too much time on the internets may have already stumbled across this. For the rest of you, Microsoft recently released a program called SongSmith, meant to be a Windows rival to GarageBand. The basic premise is that you can boot up this program with absolutely no musical […]

01.21.09 – Inaugural Diatribe

I realize I’m coming in a couple of days late on this, but I wanted to have a brief rant, if I may. It is in regards to the inauguration on Tuesday. Regardless of on what side your opinion falls regarding the incoming administration, it is difficult to deny the importance and dignity of the […]


Well, America, not a whole lot to report for this week. I had some things come up that took much of my time away from developing my pieces. I got back my thesis this week to make some corrections. Formatting those documents can certainly be tricky! And there are special templates and instructions out there […]


I found an interesting post on contemporary music site One of their contributors posted a list of his three composition resolutions for the new year. This prompted me to come up with my own big three. 1. Send two compositions per month to a competition or performer. I always start out with good intentions […]