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Monthly Archives: March 2009

03.30.2009 – The Idealogue Issue

I learned a new word today: idealogue. An idealogue is an individual who believes that the only correct way to do something is their way. Here is the context: I heard an interview on NPR this afternoon with a modern architect. He used this word to describe modernist or traditionalist architects who think that the […]

03.24.2009 – Familiarity

Do you ever have the sensation of unmistakable familiarity when you are listening to an album for the first time? I had that the other day. I was listening to Dave Matthews’ “Under the Table and Dreaming” for the first time (I know… scandalous) and had one of those feelings that you only get when […]

03.20.2009 – Integrating Python

I’ve been dabbling in the Python programming language for the last several days. I’ve been aware of it in a peripheral sort of way for some time, but somehow never felt inclined to explore its possibilities. I think as I first started programming I developed the notion that the only languages worth anything are those […]

03.13.2009 – Fantasy for String Trio Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded a new piece to the site. It’s one that I’ve had under my belt for a few months now, but didn’t necessarily have much of a plan for releasing. Really, I had sort of forgotten about it’s existence until I stumbled upon it recently. The title of the work is “Fantasy on […]

03.11.2009 – Facebook Farce

*EDIT: It would appear that I’m a little too late. RIP Well Designed Facebook Pages.* I was probably among the few who didn’t mind when Facebook switched over to the “new look” that has garnered so much disdain. But even I can find no reason for what I saw yesterday when I was managing my […]


Sorry to say, but today’s post will consist mostly of empty filler while I attempt to come up with a more insightful post. Laws of probability suggest that if I can BS it long enough, I’ll be due a good one sooner or later I’ve become increasingly interested recently in physical computing. It’s rather remarkable […]