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Monthly Archives: April 2009

04.18.2009 – Trouble in Electroacoustic Paradise

Frustrations have abounded lately for certain threads of my electroacoustic endeavors. The good news is that anytime I return to Pd, I feel right at home and my frustrations are put to rest. But I have for some time now sought methods by which I might explore creating electroacoustic music through environments that are not […]

04.07.2009 – Two New Prototype MP3s

Pseudo Prototype 01 [mp3 – 896 KB] Paroles Prototype 01 [mp3 – 2.2 Mb] My generative project that up to this point had no name now has a name! I’ve decided to call it the “pseudo” engine, partially inspired by a fascinating article I read about computer science pioneer Alan Turing. The article focused on […]