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365 days of creative coding – day one

I’ve officially started on my year-long journey to coding enlightenment. I am committing myself to 365 days of completing short goals each day to expand on my programming skills.

My first project (as I expect most of my projects to be) was created in PureData. It is an interactive Pd patch that uses mouse coordinates to control a simple fm synthesizer. I chose this because I want to understand more about fm synthesis and set this up as a way to find different configurations of settings that sound cool. X-axis controls the harmonic and y-axis controls index. The pitches are randomly generated every 400ms and bounced through a delay to give it some character. It’s really fun to play around with. I’m working on getting the patch up on github in case anyone wants to try it.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s what it sounds like: