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365 days – the first week in review

Happy to report I haven’t missed a day yet! I did catch a cold for a few days that nearly threw me off track, but, thankfully, no harm done. And I know what you’re thinking – yes, I live in Dallas. Let the Ebola jokes commence.

So far I’ve tried to keep it fairly simple and straightforward each day. In fact, if any Pd veterans happen across my work at this point, I’d be a little embarrassed at the simplicity of what I’ve accomplished.  I can recognize even from this early stage that one of the pitfalls one might come across here is taking on too much at once. My great fear in all of this is coming to a point where I simply have nothing left to do. I mean, I know this whole experience is about learning and becoming better at coding, but without some sort of path to follow, it’s a little intimidating to gaze into the next year and wonder how long I’ll be able to make it.

I’m chronicling my pursuit in a few ways.


A gallery, of sorts. I’m keeping an entry for each day that contains a sound file and an image of the patch. I’m preparing to implement a link to the source code on my github repository. (please ignore the wonky formatting. I’ve got it looking right on Chrome, other browsers are in progress)

2) GitHub

This is where one can find the source code for each day’s product. Still working this bit out, as this is my first github.

3) Reddit

I’ve been hoping to wrangle some interest from others to join me – as we all know, misery loves company! Right now it’s me and another dude on reddit who is doing his year in Processing (almost sounds like some kind of prison thing when I word it like that…). There’s a subreddit devoted to creative use of programming and we’re keeping a weekly/monthly log there for anyone interested to see.


Additionally, I’ll try to post some results here now and again. Especially when I dig up something really interesting. So far, everything I’ve done is pretty well-trodden territory, but in that territory there are things which I’ve neglected that I should have learned a while back.

If you are interested in following my escapades, I’d check in occasionally on that first link. Hope to see you around!