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Category Archives: Composing

And Then There Were None – Concept for the Piano Suite

As a part of my work with Theatre Britain, I am regularly called upon to provide original music for use in plays. Since this is a company that exclusively produces British theatrical works, Agatha Christie is to be expected in the rotation. The first one I did (last year) was The Mousetrap, which was a […]

365 days – the first three weeks

[For a daily gallery of the action, head over to] Howdy, folks! Still trucking along over here on my 365 days (as well as a few real-life gigs, which I am being very careful not to get behind on). I’ve got a few highlights I wanted to post here from the last week and a half. […]

365 days – the first week in review

Happy to report I haven’t missed a day yet! I did catch a cold for a few days that nearly threw me off track, but, thankfully, no harm done. And I know what you’re thinking – yes, I live in Dallas. Let the Ebola jokes commence. So far I’ve tried to keep it fairly simple […]

365 days of creative coding – day one

I’ve officially started on my year-long journey to coding enlightenment. I am committing myself to 365 days of completing short goals each day to expand on my programming skills. My first project (as I expect most of my projects to be) was created in PureData. It is an interactive Pd patch that uses mouse coordinates to […]

Could you complete one creative project every day for 365 days?

I found this really cool project a guy named Peter Ha (hiddenenigma) is doing in Processing: Every day for one year he is completing a new graphic project. You can see the product of each day here on his instagram. I’ve got a huge amount of respect for what he’s doing. A couple of years […]

Decompressing after a crazy year

I’ve finally started catching my breath after a super crazy year! Around March, 2013 I started my collaboration with a local author on a new musical. [I’m working on one or more new posts that detail the insane experience of writing my first musical from start to finish, but in the meantime I wanted to […]

Stumbled Upon My Thesis Online

It’s been so long that I’d nearly forgotten, but the other day I ran across my thesis on UNT’s library website. Kinda fun to go back and read it again (and surprising to realize how many typos actually made it past all three of my professors and the librarian). Feel free to check it out […]

Looping Video Game Tracks

I’m working on a track now for a potential client, and it’s occurred to me that making a looping video game track is like working on a piece of wood in a lathe. You’ve got to let it spin around on repeat for a while and trim down the parts that don’t balance well with […]

The Eternal Question of Compositional Process

It comes up often, particularly for young composers – should most of my work be done in Sibelius/Finale or by hand? Time is precious. Composers regularly question their own methods and techniques to be sure that the process is as efficient as possible. This question came up in a discussion I was a part of […]

May Day Challenge

I’ve long been aware of the Jerry Seinfeld method for creative generation. Apparently Mr. Seinfeld had the goal of writing one new joke every day. Every time he did this, he would cross off the day on a calendar trying to keep the chain going as long as he could. I never really viewed that […]