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Category Archives: Diatribe

07.01.2011 – Online Score Editor: Noteflight

Noteflight online score editing software – Years ago as online cloud document creation began to take off, I found myself constantly wishing for a portable online score editing solution. Well a couple of years ago I was lamenting this exact situation via facebook and someone responded with this site – Noteflight. At the time, […]

08.14.2009 – Orchestral Aspirations

Orchestral composers and those who wish to be orchestral composers face a dilemma. I think Kyle Gann in his new-music blog PostClassic has done well in identifying the issue. You can read the whole post here, but I will try to summarize his main point. At the end of his post, he tells the story […]

01.21.09 – Inaugural Diatribe

I realize I’m coming in a couple of days late on this, but I wanted to have a brief rant, if I may. It is in regards to the inauguration on Tuesday. Regardless of on what side your opinion falls regarding the incoming administration, it is difficult to deny the importance and dignity of the […]