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blogging about blogging

An elegant comment system, for a more civilized age

Just a quick update to let you know 1) I’m trying to get back into the habit of working on my blog, and 2) I’ve decided to scale back the crappiness of my comment system. Hopefully this will help encourage more discussion – something I’ve always wanted to be a part of this site! Happy […]

04.18.2009 – Trouble in Electroacoustic Paradise

Frustrations have abounded lately for certain threads of my electroacoustic endeavors. The good news is that anytime I return to Pd, I feel right at home and my frustrations are put to rest. But I have for some time now sought methods by which I might explore creating electroacoustic music through environments that are not […]


Well, America, not a whole lot to report for this week. I had some things come up that took much of my time away from developing my pieces. I got back my thesis this week to make some corrections. Formatting those documents can certainly be tricky! And there are special templates and instructions out there […]


I found an interesting post on contemporary music site One of their contributors posted a list of his three composition resolutions for the new year. This prompted me to come up with my own big three. 1. Send two compositions per month to a competition or performer. I always start out with good intentions […]

First Impressions

Well, here I am. I’ve hit the intarweb like a flaming bag of… well… So, this post signifies two things: after years of wishing and waiting, I have finally registered Pretty cool, huh? So now I can finally do things that my crappy old yahoo page could not, such as post a blog capable […]