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Could you complete one creative project every day for 365 days?

I found this really cool project a guy named Peter Ha (hiddenenigma) is doing in Processing: Every day for one year he is completing a new graphic project. You can see the product of each day here on his instagram.

I’ve got a huge amount of respect for what he’s doing. A couple of years ago, I tried the same thing during the month of May. Each day my goal was to write one new piece of music. As it turned out, my goal was a little broad and probably would have yielded better results if instead of focusing on a piece each day I focused on a simpler task.

After seeing Peter’s awesome sketches and thinking about my own try from a couple of years ago, I’ve actually begun to plan to complete a similar exercise to over the course of a year. Every day for 365 days straight I’ll make one PureData patch. It won’t have to be super complex. In fact, that’s the idea – it will be small, manageable demonstrations of concepts or otherwise cool things I’ve stumbled upon. I’m getting pretty excited because I’m sure I’ll learn tons of new techniques for working in Pd. Instead of starting in January, I’m considering starting October 1, mostly because I just can’t wait that long. :/

 I might even spread the idea and see if I can get anyone else to join me in a year-long creativity campaign. If you’re interested in being a part of this, I’d love to hear from you!