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Decompressing after a crazy year

I’ve finally started catching my breath after a super crazy year! Around March, 2013 I started my collaboration with a local author on a new musical. [I’m working on one or more new posts that detail the insane experience of writing my first musical from start to finish, but in the meantime I wanted to share the reader’s digest version of things.] I finished the work that summer, and we began planning the workshop which took place in September with me as the MD. Soon after that (and after making some tweaks based on lessons learned) we sent it to a company in LA that specializes in just doing workshops for musicals. After a pretty disappointing experience with them, we nonetheless continued to tweak things a bit and started the big plans – premiering the musical here in Dallas. I was again hired to MD, and given permission to hire a pit orchestra. We went through a straight month of rehearsals with a really fantastic and dedicated cast, a week with pit+cast, and then opened in late July of this year. Though we were battling sound system issues on a daily basis, we worked hard and put the show on night after night for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to gain the traction we wanted and the producer/author decided to close the show a week earlier than planned. Though it would be easy to walk away from this most recent experience in disappointment, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and very proud of the music we made. I’ve learned a lot about writing for musical theater as well as directing. I’ve gained some new skills and I’m really hoping for another opportunity to flex my new muscles! Til next time!