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Digital Music Stand – Raspberry Pi + Touchscreen


I started working on this when I realized how much loose paper I have around the house thanks to IMSLP. Unlimited access to any and all out-of-copyright scores has a way of doing that, I guess. So I started thinking about it and came to the conclusion that there’s no reason I couldn’t just throw together a simple setup to have my entire digital library at my immediate disposal, no paper needed. And when I finally started looking into it, I felt pretty foolish for not realizing earlier how simple it really is – get a touch screen and a raspberry pi. End of instructions. (Almost.) True, I did some tweaking of the software to make it better fit my needs, but I could have left it pretty much as it was when I set it up and it would still be doing it’s job well enough. Since I bought a screen big enough for two pages at once, and since I’m a piano player, I felt pretty comfortable sticking to the on-screen controls for turning pages. If I was mainly using it as a string or wind player, I would have probably hooked up a foot pedal rig to turn pages. And I still intend to at some point, it’s just not a top priority at the moment.

Let me say up front that this is still a work-in-progress. I’m developing (or attempting to, at least) a program that will analyze notes drawn on screen using a stylus and convert it for playback and export to midi/music-xml. I decided to go ahead and release the instructions it in it’s current state because I saw a contest on Instructables that I wanted to enter.

I won’t reproduce the instructions here since parts of it are pretty lengthy, but here is the link to the full set of instructions:

Here are some photos of the interface. I’m working hard right now on the note recognition code and I’ll post again once I have some updates!

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