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365 days – the first three weeks

[For a daily gallery of the action, head over to] Howdy, folks! Still trucking along over here on my 365 days (as well as a few real-life gigs, which I am being very careful not to get behind on). I’ve got a few highlights I wanted to post here from the last week and a half. […]

Stumbled Upon My Thesis Online

It’s been so long that I’d nearly forgotten, but the other day I ran across my thesis on UNT’s library website. Kinda fun to go back and read it again (and surprising to realize how many typos actually made it past all three of my professors and the librarian). Feel free to check it out […]

04.17.2010 – A Life Alive

You would think that having narrowly escaped the past few months with my life (and my jobs) following my recent and massive projects that I would want to spend some time away from composition. You know, “let’s give it two to three months” or something. Instead, I have volunteered – that’s right: there are no […]

03.31.2010 – Film and Liturgy

I have again become remiss in keeping this site fresh with my latest thoughts. It’s just that when I usually have important projects with impending deadlines – the time I would most like to post about the details of my craft – it is most difficult. So now I will try to summarize my two […]

11.28.2009 – In C++

Ever wished you could have your own 10-piece ensemble that lived in your house and would play “In C” for you whenever you had the desire? Well, I’ve just completed a project that may make that dream a reality. Well… maybe not reality, but pretty darn close. I’m satisfied that at least one of the […]

08.14.2009 – Orchestral Aspirations

Orchestral composers and those who wish to be orchestral composers face a dilemma. I think Kyle Gann in his new-music blog PostClassic has done well in identifying the issue. You can read the whole post here, but I will try to summarize his main point. At the end of his post, he tells the story […]

07.13.2009 – Melody? We don’t need no stinkin melody!

Today I had one of those moments where you get this thought that you start to consider and, like the proverbial thread, you pull on it and something unravels that changes your whole perspective. I was listening to some contemporary compositions and I started thinking about the role of melody. For many of my younger […]