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Digital Music Stand – Raspberry Pi + Touchscreen

I started working on this when I realized how much loose paper I have around the house thanks to IMSLP. Unlimited access to any and all out-of-copyright scores has a way of doing that, I guess. So I started thinking about it and came to the conclusion that there’s no reason I couldn’t just throw […]

Puredata piece/toy – Solar Windstorm

I had some fun with Pd while I was on vacation over the summer. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could make an interesting piece using just a single oscillator and a delay line. The result was this fun little piece: You play it using the arrow keys on the keyboard. I […]

May Day Challenge

I’ve long been aware of the Jerry Seinfeld method for creative generation. Apparently Mr. Seinfeld had the goal of writing one new joke every day. Every time he did this, he would cross off the day on a calendar trying to keep the chain going as long as he could. I never really viewed that […]

03.31.2010 – Film and Liturgy

I have again become remiss in keeping this site fresh with my latest thoughts. It’s just that when I usually have important projects with impending deadlines – the time I would most like to post about the details of my craft – it is most difficult. So now I will try to summarize my two […]

01.27.2010 – iPad

Say what you will about Apple’s new touch-pad computer, the iPad, but consider for a moment the amazing possibilities for interactive musical applications. Anything from practical control surfaces such as mixer-boards or piano-style input to conceptual instruments and interfaces that utilize the accelerometers and multitouch technology in astounding ways. My head is just full of […]

12.24.2009 – A PureData Christmas

So, this is what I was working on last night as I drifted off to sleep. Some will dream of gumdrops and candycanes. I dream of object boxes and midi connections. I wanted to apply myself to a gift I knew teh internets would appreciate. What better way to say Happy Holidays than with a […]