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365 days – the first three weeks

[For a daily gallery of the action, head over to] Howdy, folks! Still trucking along over here on my 365 days (as well as a few real-life gigs, which I am being very careful not to get behind on). I’ve got a few highlights I wanted to post here from the last week and a half. […]

365 days – the first week in review

Happy to report I haven’t missed a day yet! I did catch a cold for a few days that nearly threw me off track, but, thankfully, no harm done. And I know what you’re thinking – yes, I live in Dallas. Let the Ebola jokes commence. So far I’ve tried to keep it fairly simple […]

11.28.2009 – In C++

Ever wished you could have your own 10-piece ensemble that lived in your house and would play “In C” for you whenever you had the desire? Well, I’ve just completed a project that may make that dream a reality. Well… maybe not reality, but pretty darn close. I’m satisfied that at least one of the […]

04.07.2009 – Two New Prototype MP3s

Pseudo Prototype 01 [mp3 – 896 KB] Paroles Prototype 01 [mp3 – 2.2 Mb] My generative project that up to this point had no name now has a name! I’ve decided to call it the “pseudo” engine, partially inspired by a fascinating article I read about computer science pioneer Alan Turing. The article focused on […]


Well I have certainly seen some great progress this week in my work. My violin piece is taking shape very nicely. I began to work with it in the computer this week and, besides being remarkably difficult to play, it seems to represent an interesting historical cross-section. It actually appears to be channeling Bach’s Cello […]

12.31.2008 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone all happiness and good fortune in the coming year. I know that many of us are under a lot of pressure in these difficult times. The other day I was reading Grapes of Wrath and stumbled upon this gem that I feel addresses the core of what will […]