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And Then There Were None – Concept for the Piano Suite

As a part of my work with Theatre Britain, I am regularly called upon to provide original music for use in plays. Since this is a company that exclusively produces British theatrical works, Agatha Christie is to be expected in the rotation. The first one I did (last year) was The Mousetrap, which was a […]

May Day Challenge

I’ve long been aware of the Jerry Seinfeld method for creative generation. Apparently Mr. Seinfeld had the goal of writing one new joke every day. Every time he did this, he would cross off the day on a calendar trying to keep the chain going as long as he could. I never really viewed that […]

05.05.2009 – A Quotation from Ernst Krenek

I am currently reading a book called Choral Music in the Twentieth Century by Nick Strimple. I have had this book in my possession for months, but have only just now endeavored to read through it. My perception of it when I bought it was that it would be great as a reference, but would […]