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04.18.2009 – Trouble in Electroacoustic Paradise

Frustrations have abounded lately for certain threads of my electroacoustic endeavors. The good news is that anytime I return to Pd, I feel right at home and my frustrations are put to rest. But I have for some time now sought methods by which I might explore creating electroacoustic music through environments that are not […]


Well, America, not a whole lot to report for this week. I had some things come up that took much of my time away from developing my pieces. I got back my thesis this week to make some corrections. Formatting those documents can certainly be tricky! And there are special templates and instructions out there […]

First Impressions

Well, here I am. I’ve hit the intarweb like a flaming bag of… well… So, this post signifies two things: after years of wishing and waiting, I have finally registered Pretty cool, huh? So now I can finally do things that my crappy old yahoo page could not, such as post a blog capable […]