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Tutorial: Using APE with Flash 10 in CS5

How to configure APE to work in Flash 10

Because it took me some trial and error to get this worked out, I thought I’d spell it out here as clearly as I can for anyone else having the same problems I had. Let me say up front that the root of my problems was a compatibility issue between flash 10 and earlier versions. If you’re getting thrown some compile errors that are a little unclear, play around with the publish settings. That’s what eventually led me to this solution. This is not something I discovered myself – I’m taking what I’ve read on some different forums and putting it all here.

What you will need to do to make APE compile into flash 10 is to open up the .as files and replace all occurrences of the “Vector” function call. Apparently flash 10 introduced it’s own function called “Vector” and now everytime APE tries to call it it will throw up an error. I would recommend using a text editor such as Notepad++ for this job. This program in particular has a feature that allows you to search and replace for multiple documents at once. Even without this functionality this is still an easy fix, it’ll just take a little more time.

Look in the folder that has all of the APE files you use to link with your project (should be under org/cove/APE). Open all of the files with the extension “.as” in Notepad++ (or if using another editor just one file at a time). Search and replace for the word ‘Vector’ and replace with something unique, such as ‘APEVector’. I’m a bit paranoid when editing stuff like this so rather than using the “replace all” option I instead elected to verify each one. Once I’d replaced each occurrence, I recompiled the movie and everything worked smoothly in flash 10.

Next time I’ll talk a bit about SiON and why it’s the only sound library flash will ever need.